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TJ is a character from Lakewood Town. He is a friendly figure that accompanies the player throughout their journey.


TJ is first met at the end of Route 2, to show the player around Lakewood Town. He later reappears after Mister Riffraff abducts the DoodleCo employee on Route 3, and warns them about Riffraff. Once the player defeats Riffraff in his lair, TJ shows up to aid with the rescue. Once Riffraff is defeated, he agrees to accompany the player on their key hunt.

When he and the player meet up in Graphite Lodge, he volunteers to do a Help Center task involving a finding a sewing needle in a haystack. Upon finally finishing the task, he rushes to Crystal Caverns, only to discover that Craig has already been defeated. On his way out, he scolds the old lady who gave him the task, but then feels bad afterwards. Then, Inari runs up to him and steals the Opal Orb from him.

He and Portia meet up with the player at the end of Graphite Forest in front of a wooden door. Once the door is cleared, the trio proceeds through Graphite Maze. At the portal to Graphite Temple, TJ requests a battle. Upon defeating him, he heads back to Graphite Lodge to start his search for the second key.

The player and Quincy meet up with TJ again in Von Sweetsville, where he and Suzie were formulating a plan to get into Von Sweets' factory. Upon seeing the player, he hits his head against a wall, out of frustration that the player had caught up to him. Regardless, he explains that the best chance they have of getting into the factory is if they steal the clothes of a factory employee. Conveniently, there is a Von Sweets goon who is wandering around the town on their one-hour break. TJ and the player confront him, and he agrees to give TJ a uniform if one of them can beat him in battle. After defeating the goon, he takes TJ to his house to give him a spare uniform.


Trainer Location Doodles Rewards
TJ Graphite Maze Wvyarn 1.png Wvyarn Basic Type Icon.pngAir Type Icon.png (Lvl. 20) (Holding Air Taffy)

Needling 1.png Needling Plant Type Icon.png (Lvl. 19)
Elektiel 1.png Elektiel Spark Type Icon.pngAir Type Icon.png (Lvl. 19)
Boulduo 1.png Boulduo Earth Type Icon.png (Lvl. 18) (Holding Earth Taffy)


$3900(Wish For Wealth)


TJ is shown to be friendly, but is constantly angered by the stream of bad luck that he is subjected to throughout the journey. Despite helping the player, he shows frustration when they best him in something.


  • TJ is the first NPC to own a tinted doodle, being a Boulduo with three tints. This is a 1 in 125 million chance in the wild.
    • The tint colors are Green, Cyan, and Turquoise, in that order.